Our Vision

“She will be like a tree, firmly planted and yielding fruit” – Psalm 1:3

The World Health Organization posits that most adults spend one third of their lives at work. Sometimes those environments are life-giving with respectful co-workers and pleasant, grateful customers. Sometimes the work is fulfilling and the environments are full of beauty and innovation. 

Sometimes, however, our workplaces drain our energy, adversely affecting our moods, physical health and overall sense of well-being. Then we come home–to the other two thirds of our lives–with little energy to give to our loved ones.

Yet in the midst of all of this, Psalm 1:3 gives a relevant promise worth striving for. It states that we have the potential to become “like trees, firmly planted by streams of water, yielding fruit in season, with leaves that do not wither, and prosperous in all we do.” Who among us would not love to feel that way every morning as we rise from the comfort of our bed, drink our steaming cups of freshly-ground coffee, and head to work? 

Think of the grand evergreens of Washington state, old cedars and firs so solid that for the most part, they have survived for hundreds of years. We are told we can be like that. Strong enough to withstand the storms of workplace dissent, bully bosses and grumbling customers. Nurtured by the deep streams of the affirmations and promises of God running through our soul and so filled with life that we not only bear fruit in season, but also flourish in times of drought.

This is the promise in which we must learn to be rooted. 

You may be weary in your work. You may be unemployed. You may feel underutilized and overlooked in your current position. You may love your job but long for more responsibility. You may be launching a business, full of fear or excitement; you may be working for a large corporation, daunted by decisions or unsure of how to steward your power. You may be in a season between jobs, working hard to raise children and planning your next career entrance.

Think of the evergreen forest we could become, as Pacific Northwest women, united in faith, work and leadership!

–Caroline Timmins, Founding Director